We moved across town and changed schools after visiting this school, because I was so impressed. My kids were at Barbara Gordon (a large montessori in Colleyville), then a smaller montessori, and then we tried out a charter school for one year. Every single person at NCMA, from the director, to the teachers, to the front desk staff, to the auxiliary staff, is devoted to the care and well being of the children in the school. If you visit the school, you'll see for yourself. We've been there 3 years, we've had continuity of staff and teachers, and my kids love learning, are far above grade level, and most importantly, treat others well and have respect for themselves and for others. I can go to the teachers and staff with any request, big or small, and they always do their best. (My kid has allergies and asthma so we have to stay on top of things. There's no school nurse, but I feel more comfortable here than I did at public school where we did have a full time nurse.) The one time I had an issue, the director spent nearly 2 hours with my son getting his side of the story and the issue was resolved within a day or two

- Sameena Karmally

Overall we have had an extremely positive experience at NCMA with our three children. The oldest one started in Primary at age 3.5 - he was very shy and it was his first school experience, and he also had some communications delays. His teachers (the same ones his whole time there) were wonderfully patient and worked with him and us and he made outstanding progress over two years until starting public kindergarten - very advanced on reading and math concepts. The second one also started in Primary at age 3 and had great teachers for his whole two years there as well. I always found his teacher to be very communicative and we worked together when he needed to work a little on his behavior. The youngest started as in the Infant room and is currently in the Toddler. He has had more turnover with his teachers and assistants, which has been a little frustrating at times, but the overall school experience has been excellent in terms of how well he's cared for and he really thrives in his classrooms.

- Brad Neutz

We love the Montessori method - so neat to see the kids taking ownership of their actions (setting tables and cleaning up after themselves), setting out their table and floor mats and choosing their "work," taking pride in the work projects they do (including the practical life and sensorial activities like pouring water and threading beads, or building a solar system map). NCMA always has clean facilities, really great food for the kids (and they're great with allergies - I never worried about my one peanut/tree nut allergy kid), and nice projects and activities for the kids to work on. Our only downside over several years has been sometimes spotty communication from the front desk and turnover with teacher assistants - but the owner and teachers are always good at communicating directly, and they are all very friendly and engaging with all the kids. It's also a very nice parent community!

- Kimberly L

I shopped many schools in this area and this is the best infant to toddler program I have found. I practice medicine for a living, so cleanliness was a must and this school gets 5 stars! Ms. Peace and Jolie are excellent with the infants! There are also two great bilingual teachers who help frequently with the infants class and helped my daughter to learn Spanish. I can honestly say that I felt like I was dropping my child off at a trusted relatives house each morning when I used this school. Unfortunately, we recently had to move out of this area, but we are so thankful that NCM helped out daughter to learn so much in just a short amount of time (18 mths). We will also always cherish the many positive memories our family and baby girl shared with this school.

- Deanna G

I was referred to New Century Montessori through a friend who is a Montessori educator. I am a public school teacher and I have very high expectations for my child's education. We have been with this school since it opened and I am beyond pleased with the education, staff, owners, etc.

- Jeff Tabery

This school is stellar! The environment is warm and nurturing, many of the lead teachers have been with the school since it opened. The Director is compassionate and LOVES the students and her staff.-MH

- Amy Cornell

My children have attended many different Montessori schools all over the country, and this is by far - the best Montessori school in Texas! I have also referred other families who are extremely pleased with the school. The Director is passionate, dedicated, knows every child by name, and works endless hours to ensure a safe, nurturing, and high-quality learning environment. The STEM lab, amazing gym, excellent language and music programs supplement the amazing core classes. The quality of the teachers and credentials are also the best in town! The owners actually spend money to continually improve the building, opportunities for students, on field trips, pay the teachers well,and on professional development for the staff. The reputation of this school is incredible and I am very connected in the Montessori community. The Director sets high standards and holds students, parents, and the teachers accountable for excellence and engagement.

- JS

The school provides added values. One of them is access to a very diverse and global environment. At one point 95 countries or so were found to be represented at the school, for example. With our world getting smaller, and demands for intercultural competencies in the rise, early exposure can make a difference. And the Montessori method to my mind seems to match well the diversity in the classrooms. The school is also making a determined stand in making sure students have a good leg up on STEM branches. The science lab is amazing and the Lego Robotics program is too. This is balanced with art, music and drama. And the teachers we've worked with are committed, professional and good. We have found the Principal and Teachers approachable, prepared, and willing to work with parents when there are concerns. Parents will always have concerns no matter where, finding willing partners in the school to address them is another plus this school provides. The school is young, and there will be always areas to improve (that is why only 4 stars). I have not seen them not willing to improve and reach to provide more and better for their students.

- Imperio Shanks

A very good school with very good teachers and the most awesome director. Very clean and bright. Has a gym to play at in bad weather. Offers drama, music and all fun activities. The teaches are very creative. And all the staffs are very helpful... always greeted with smily faces. They provide very healthy food that's made the same day in a very clean kitchen. Vegetables and fruits are offered everyday. I am happy that I put my son in the hands of such wonderful people.

- Sabrina Ahmed

Wonderful program for our daughter! We have had her enrolled at this school for about 3 years now. When she first arrived there she was a shy little girl. Since her involvement with this school she has blossomed out to be a verysocial little girl and always wantingto go to school. Not only did her personality come out but also her language speaking skills improved tremendously. She's had the same great teachers all this time and the staff is awesome!

- Melissa Moroney

We absolutely love new century. Love how they provide nutritious meals and snacks. My son loves his class and is always looking forward to going the next day. I totally recommend this school. It's been great for us!

- Dee Meaks